3 Fitness Trends in 2019

Despite the fact that it is still to arrive in 2019, it is already beginning to glimpse the direction of the sector: competition, digital fitness and health as the epicenter of everything.

The world’s largest fair for Fitness, Wellness and Health will establish trends for the current commercial year and it is convenient to begin to familiarize yourself with them . It is still early to know exactly how they will be addressed and developed, but we can offer a first sketch on the 3 fitness trends that will sweep in 2019

1. Competition in gyms

The competition promotes customer loyalty . The new trend of fitness competition aims to make training in a gym an experience . Enthusiasts of physical exercise can train alone or in small groups, compete with each other under professional guidance or boost their own performance.

The competition factor motivates the members of the gyms to attend training regularly and under the supervision of qualified personnel, it is intended to increase this dynamic . The competition is suitable for classic power training, circuits, functional training, spinning classes or for other types of group exercises . Of course, we still have to wait a little to know the new concepts of training, equipment and gym equipment needed.

2. Digital fitness

The digital fitness will become an essential element for gyms, which will also affect the motivation and loyalty of its customers because it will allow more flexible and individualized training . Therefore we must remain attentive to the news presented in FIBO 2019 and the impact that technologies such as virtual reality or connectivity can have for functional training and machines .

In fact, it is also speculated that the digitization of the fitness world is not limited to gyms and competitions can be organized outside of them, either to keep in touch with members of the gym or as a complement in outdoor training .

3. Health as epicenter

The interest to promote healthy habits of life is increasing and fitness has been established as a lifestyle for all generations . This also results in a healthy training, either for prevention or for sustainable muscle development, in which gyms and physiotherapists have a lot to say about it.

The binomial ‘Body & Mind’, through yoga and meditation, will be strengthened, and will take into account aspects such as medical history to adapt training routines and what machinery is more suitable to prevent injuries or work despite them . Emphasis will also be given to the growing market for promoting physical activity in the workplace, and more will be heard about health management and its promotion in the workplace more frequently. And the food . A fundamental aspect that will continue to give the prominence it deserves.