Fitness & Nutrition


The  fitness  is a physical activity focused on the progressive improvement of muscle tone. The combination of your practice with a proper diet are two basic factors for good health. Next, we give you a glimpse of what it is and what it is not, fitness and how it can help you improve your physical endurance.

What is fitness?

The term means aptitude, that is, the exercises to be performed must be adjusted to each person and the type of life that is carried out to benefit from its magnificent effects. The five fundamental objectives of this activity are:

  • -Improve physical and muscular endurance. Although weights are used, muscle development is not sought but to improve elasticity and strength.
  • For this last aspect you work with loads and carrying out exercises with maximum resistance for one minute. Rest and share the activity trying to increase your cardiovascular health.
  • A high percentage of the exercises is intended to improve flexibility. The joint movement is intensely worked. This way you will achieve that the articulations do not lose their effectiveness and that their route is the correct one.
  • Depending on whether you are male or female, the exercises are designed to achieve muscle harmony. After a few months, and always following a diet, you get very satisfactory results that will improve your self-esteem.

If you ask yourself  , what is not fitness? the answer is simple: everything that does not seek adaptability and harmony but gain mass and develop the muscles based on exercises with multiple repetitions and with free charges.

Health benefits of fitness:

Apart from weight loss, we must add the improvement of  cardiovascular health . It is a perfect anxiolytic and helps fight depression. Doing  one hour of exercise a day strengthens bones, helps prevent colon cancer, protects against flu, prevents constipation and gets the body to function properly.

A balanced diet, the best complement:

It’s a truism, but it happens and it will have happened to you more than once. After going to the gym to do physical exercise you are hungrier and eat more. Remember that a balanced diet has to go hand in hand with your fitness session.

  • The industrial pastries and foods with too much fat do not consume.
  • Consumption of  fish occasionally .
  • The  vegetable  should be part of your diet with a daily periodicity. If you take it raw, better.
  • Cereals and legumes  are a source of energy thanks to the carbohydrates they contain. Eat them often.
  • Avoid fried foods, pre-cooked foods and fast food.

Following these tips and adapting the fitness exercises to your physical capacity will get visible results in a few weeks. Start now to change your life!

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