Gadgets That Discovered Last Year & Use Every Day

It is 2019 and although it has been a long time since appliances such as the television or the washing machine have become fundamental in homes, there is still much to innovate and discover. It does not need to be great and revolutionary things like the first car or as publicized as the high-end mobile on duty, but there are small gadgets that in a very short time become essential .

From a mobile phone to a casserole through a light bulb: these are the most interesting findings that the editors of Xataka have discovered in the last year and have fallen at their feet.


A gadget that has surprised me pleasantly in recent months is of course Fingbox . Fingbox is an accessory that connects to the router and allows you to manage the entire Wi-Fi network from an app on the smartphone .

Detects new connected devices, you can assign them to users in the house, you can restrict access by hours or directly block access to certain devices … As a parental control tool is an incredible accessory .

On the other hand, it also performs a periodic and automatic analysis of the state of the network , detecting drops, analyzing the speed of the connection or comparing our connection with those of other operators or areas. In short, an accessory to control much better the Wi-Fi network without having to access complicated menus of the router or the console on the PC.

Xiaomi Amazfit:

In terms of smartphones I will be an early adopter , but in the park of smart watches I have reached the last one. And I could not live without him anymore . The albino brand on the wrist, during this holiday, confirms it.

He did not remember what it was like to know the time with a wrist twist, that simplification they invented in 1880 to avoid misunderstandings among the British Imperial Navy . But knowing also the forecast of time, the steps taken, my pulsations, the hours of sleep or starting a chronometer with two touches have made essential the happy toy.

The fault was a certain Amazfit Bip of just 70 euros, the app of Xiaomi Mi Fit and those fearsome kilos of more reminding me that my metabolism is not so infallible past 30.

Essential because I only charge it once a month , evoking those pre-technological days where the only tangled cables were those of the handset. And essential because it really has awakened that desire to improve brands, be informed and play with a gadget that, as I recall, had been around for 20 years without touching.

Philips HUE:

Philips HUE , smart bulbs and Philips RGB are nothing new, I already knew them but for about a year I’ve been using them for the video theme .

Normally we tend to look and look for lighting solutions that are more expensive but not always necessary. It is true that a good LED panel or spotlight will give us more power, light quality, etc … but with Philips bulbs you can achieve very interesting results.

Well used, Philips bulbs can be more than enough for many users who want to start making video or give a different touch to their photographs . In my day to day I use them constantly.

When I record I can configure what I need to give contrast to the background, light up with the tone and warmth that I want in each moment, paint planes to give a different touch … The only limitation is the number of light bulb you have but with The classic pack of three is more than enough for most cases.

Then, when I “stop working” I use them to create environments when watching a series or movie, to read or just relax while I write down in my notebook all those ideas that come to mind.

Without a doubt, they are the product that has changed my life the most in this last year. As I say, it’s nothing new, but once you start to dedicate time and see how you can take advantage of them for creative topics, it’s great .

Slow cooker:

Paul of Tarsus changed his life a blindness at the gates of Damascus; to Newton, an apple one afternoon at Woolsthorpe Manor; to Coleridge, the dome of XanadĂș seen one night between dreams. I changed that spoonful. No, seriously: if there is only one thing that changed my life this year, it was the slow cooker .

Fabadas made over low heat for eight hours, cooked soup distilled little by little until concentrating in each drop the flavor of a thousand worlds, cannelloni stuffed with the meat of the sweetest escudella in the world and a boeuf bourguignon to which I was about to ask him to marry me .

Honestly, for years I’ve been convinced that fans of the slow cooker were the culinary equivalent of the runners and maybe they are. But, hey, let them count on me. It is, by far, the best gadget I have discovered this year .

UltraWide Monitor LG 25UM58-P:

One of the most recent and interesting purchases I’ve made has been an ultrawide LG monitor , and I think it’s a one-way trip. I had been working with a conventional monitor for a long time and for our work, which requires to be aware of many things at once, I was beginning to look small.

I found a reduction and the certain thing is that I believe that to do with me has been a success. It is not even 4K, they are 25 inches with resolution 2,560 x 1,080 pixels with a latency of 5 ms and the change has been brutal .

The monitor allows me to have several windows open at the same time and be able to write an article while I’m watching social networks or email. It is a pleasure to edit photos and video, although I must admit that it is not bad to play. The experience is much more immersive, especially in shooters. For me it ‘s better than having two monitors .

Beats Studio 3:

These headphones combine two elements that have changed my life. On the one hand, the W1 chip, the same as the AirPods premiered. It makes it easy and fast to change the pairing between my iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV. I do not want other wireless headphones without this chip.

On the other hand, noise cancellation . They are my first headphones with this technology and I have been very grateful, especially in trains, airplanes or coffee shops. A marvel.

Pebble Time

The device that more recently we could say that has changed my life, although that sounds too exaggerated, is the Pebble Time . I have not bought it in the last year, in fact I have it since the summer of 2016, but in the last twelve months I have squeezed it more in what it does best for me: to be a mirror of the notifications that really deserve my attention .

Sadly, these watches are something of the past , but to me it is almost relic, with its battery of several days and its limited functions, it serves me. I try a smart watch and I have to retract, but today I think I do not need more.

OPPO Player UDP-205:

Although it is not a strict gadget, the electronic device that I have bought during the last months that has had the most impact in my life as a music enthusiast is the OPPO UDP-205 player.

I had it in mind for several months and finally I decided to buy it when I found out that OPPO Digital was going to cease its activity to turn fully into the manufacture and design of smartphones.

From time to time I use this player to watch movies on Blu-ray Disc and Blu-ray 4K, but, above all, I use it as a DAC to listen to studio-quality music on my Hi-Fi equipment . In this field this OPPO player is a small wonder thanks, above all, to the enormous quality of the D / A conversion logic that it incorporates, which is none other than two units of the Saber ES9038 Pro chip from ESS Technology.

In addition, its transport mechanics also have a lot of quality, so the CD and SACD, in combination with the DAC, sound great. What a pity that OPPO is not going to continue with this business unit .

Intelligent light bulb Tradfri (IKEA):

In my case, they are IKEA’s which are great in price, but smart bulbs have changed the way I behave in my own home. Lighting has gone from being something simple and rudimentary to “flourish” with an infinity of utilities .

Now I just have to talk to my cell phone to program lights at a certain intensity that wake me up in the morning, illuminate me depending on the time when the sun sets or if it’s cloudy, turn on to pretend that there is someone at home when I I’ve been on vacation or when I got home or reduced as soon as I want to watch a movie. Now I do not change the whole lighting of my whole house with a voice command it seems to me of the last century .

Bose Quiet Comfort:

I’ve been wearing helmets since I can remember, so if I go out without them I feel a bit naked. What happens is that the noises of the street cause the volume to rise to unhealthy levels, and little by little the ear is going to swear.

Thanks to the incredible noise cancellation of these helmets I can listen to music and podcasts at half level, it seems magic. Thus, when you remove them you do not feel so much dull feeling and it is amazing to use them in travel by train or plane.

Microsoft Surface Go:

Neither computer nor tablet, but a mixture of the two, just what I needed for hours of documentation. The use of the pen is essential to “play” with the notes that I take every day reviewing articles and texts. If I want to take a quick note, it is also incredibly useful.

Also, as it is so compact and weighs little, I take it everywhere without much trouble, amen of the battery life. And if I need to get to work anywhere, it is also powerful enough to allow me to do it quite comfortably .

Therefore, I believe that this gadget has improved my productivity in a sensitive way , since I have it, and more than any other for several years.