Gadgets Were Used in Our Daily life Time

Microphone Samsom Meteor:

If there is a gadget that has made a difference this year in my daily routine, that has been the microphone that I bought to get started in the world of podcasts .

It is not a high-end model, it is a Samsom Meteor that connects via USB and has a headphone input to also work in Monitor mode.

The difference with the integrated mics in headphones, laptops or webcams is remarkable, and the truth is that when experimenting with podcasts or even video conferencing, the quality offered is different .

A super successful purchase, without a doubt. That and the device to make espaghettis of zucchini ( 9.88 euros in Amazon), super recommended in recent months.

Garmin Forerunner 235:

If you are thinking of starting to train to run between medium and long distance (half marathons, marathons and thereafter), you will need a good watch to help you quantify the workouts . The one that has accompanied me when I have had to prepare races of this caliber has been the Garmin Forerunner 235, one of the best mid-range models that we can find in the market.

It has an integrated heart rate monitor – quite accurate in the measurement of the pulsations -, different screen configurations in which we can see the data that most interest us at each moment (pulsations, average pace, rhythm per kilometer) and it is also very light at the same time time that very resistant .

The most daily actions can be done from the clock itself, but to schedule workouts we must do it from your desktop app (free): very simple, very intuitive and letting us program all kinds of training series: ascending, pyramid, by time, kilometers … Very useful since you will need this type of training to be able to prepare for this type of distance. Perhaps one of the best watches for amateur runners who think about taking the jump to longer distances.

The Forerunner 235 is a sports watch that is connected by Bluetooth to the mobile phone and has an app for Android and iOS. In the beginning it was only for the periods of exercise, but when monitoring the pulsations continuously and also the sleep I decided to leave it on.

It’s a big thing and sometimes this is annoying, but in this way I could better control the hours of sleep and especially see the progress in my sports sessions, beats at rest and the count of steps is also an incentive (it’s another small daily challenge added).

As it is waterproof I literally take it off just to charge it , and using it (actively, with GPS or to monitor any exercise) the battery can last a week.

SS5 Crucial MX500:

I have to say that this more than a gadget is a component, but it has changed my experience with my computer completely. I have a Macbook for a few years now and the truth is, I kept getting slower. So half a year ago I decided to change your HDD for a solid hard drive .

SSDs are considerably more expensive than mechanical disks, but everything else is advantageous . I was looking for a disc large enough to store my programs and some files and that would not come out very expensive. I researched forums and blogs to find a trustworthy brand and found this model .

It is not the cheapest of the SSD, but not the most expensive either . At the moment I am very happy: my Mac has returned to the speed it was at first. And the substitution process was very easy .

Neato Botvac D7 Connected:

Of all the gadgets I’ve had the opportunity to try in the last year, the one I miss the most is the vacuum cleaner Neato Botvac D7 Connected .

At first I was very reluctant to vacuum robots, but as they have been improving in performance (becoming smarter), I think one of the most useful inventions of recent years. It is true that they are entangled with cables and that they can get stuck in some places, but being careful with it, the possibility of scheduling remote cleaning and finding the house clean when you arrive is greatly appreciated.

And you realize that, precisely, when you have to return the robot and it’s your turn to vacuum the weekends again, bend down to sweep under the bed, etc. This model of Neato, in addition, is one of the fastest I have tried. It also has a good autonomy and a simple emptying system .

Nintendo Switch:

I have had and I am lucky to have collected – unintentionally, but with the same affection – consoles and desktop systems throughout my life. But Nintendo Switch has been a very positive change in the experience of enjoying video games . One that I needed. The premise is the combination between the catalog of games and technology and the resulting one. I explain:

Although it had portable consoles with experiences as intense as fun (how good it is with the ‘ Wario Ware Gold ‘!), With Switch I never have to mentalize that I will continue my game . I do not have to set aside anything I’m doing aside, like when I play ‘ God of War ‘, ‘FIFA’ or ‘ Overwatch ‘. In fact, I do not need to do a process of a minute or less as with the rest of consoles or my PC. Unlock, cotinuo and leave it where you want. The possibility of playing ‘ Zelda ‘, ‘ Octopath Traveler ‘ or ‘Monster Hunter’ when and where I can think of it and without waiting.

Something that cost me dark circles, but that also allowed me to combine moments of relaxation with family and friends in my house and in theirs. And it is easy to join when you have simple, classic and fun games like ‘ Overcook 2 ‘, ‘ Street Fighter 30th Collection ‘ or ‘ Flat Heroes ‘ and two mini-controls always at hand. In some cases they are winning the pulse of board games! In other words, I used to take time out to play, and now I play in my little free time and pick up my games-or improvise them among others-in a more spontaneous way.

And then there are your indies. Not all are new, the idea of ​​having the console plugged in and then take it does not only spend more time than I have given on PC and other platforms. But it costs me much less to lose myself in them. Squeeze them as they deserve and even rediscover them. The result? I think back to ‘ Dragon Ball FighterZ ‘ in Switch after spending dozens of hours and count (in plural) the days for the release of ‘Super Mario party’ or ‘Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’ with a kind of shared illusion that I thought already I would not have … at this point of the game

Apple Watch 3:

In my case, I always refused to acquire a smartwatch, mainly because the experience did not finish convincing me and I became a gadget that would not contribute anything to my daily life .

After the insistence of several friends and acquaintances, I made myself at the end of last year with an Apple Watch Series 3 due to a good promotion that I found. I am close to celebrating the year with him and it has been one of those surprises that I did not expect , as it is not only an extension of what I receive on the iPhone, but offers features that bring a new value.

The most important, in my opinion, is the health platform , the rings that invite you to close, the challenges, the power to share your advances with your friends to family has been a way to activate me in this last year, something that In the end I needed after spending most of my day behind the keyboard of a computer.

Universal Adapter:

Whether for work or for leisure, when I have had to travel abroad, one of the things I hate the most is that we do not have the same plugs all over the world. Fortunately, this year I bought the simple universal adapter .

A small box with adapters for the United Kingdom, the United States and Europe. An accessory that costs less than 15 euros and has prevented me from running out of battery at Gatwick airport while on a stopover or at that hotel where you thought everything was according to your needs.

It does not convert voltages, but it has two USB ports and the truth is that thanks to this small adapter I am now a little bit annoyed when I leave Spain and I see that each country has its own connector. One of those gadgets that always comes well to put in the suitcase .

Xiaomi Mi Box TV:

I do not remember if it was late last year or early this year, but since I bought this little Xiaomi Mi Box TV I no longer contemplate using anything else.

90% of the time it can be used as a Chromecast, but all the other functions and applications offered by Android TV (from Netflix, HBO and streaming apps to other video, podcast and even the odd game), among many other things , they make a much more complete device for very little money .

Foreo Luna Mini 2 :

Many times we are too lazy to have a routine of facial care; however, it is important to cleanse and moisturize the skin daily at all ages.

Foreo Luna Mini 2 is a great gadget to include in our cleaning / beauty routine : it is a facial cleaning brush with several speeds that gets a deep cleaning of the face in just two minutes.

Personally, I use it daily in the morning (they recommend using it twice a day, but depending on the type of skin it may be better to use only one), with a neutral soap, and I have managed to have a cleaning routine that I strictly follow.

The results, in my case, have been very good: the skin looks much cleaner and smoother , and I would even say that the pores are smaller after a year of use.

I recommend it 100%, I’ve even given some. Very top to include technology in our skin care routine .