‘God of War’ Fight Guide: How to Crush Enemies with Kratos

The new and improved God of War brings significant changes to the fight of the long-term franchise. The protagonist of Trade Kratos Chaos Blades for the Axis Leviathan, the game takes The God of War to fight for a closer, intimate and tactical place. A tighter camera in the back of Kratos means visibility is limited, and the toughest enemies have to be smarter than powerful in many cases.

The basics:

Light and heavy attacks

Your attacks of bread and butter in God of warare basic shots and chops with the Leviathan ax when you hit either R1 or R2. R1 attack is fast, light and useful to chain combos. R2 launches a slower and heavier attack, which will often launch enemies in the air, where you can release them further or finish them off. You can also launch your ax by holding L2 to aim and pressing R1 for quick one-handed throwing or R2 for a slower two-handed throwing (pay). Throwing the ax on enemies can stun or freeze them, so it’s a convenient move to have in your repertoire. You can call him back to Kratos at any time by pressing the triangle, and it will also damage any enemies he touches on the return trip.

When the ax is tipped or thrown, you can hit enemies with your bare hands. The same rules apply: R1 for light, fast shots, and R2 for a slower kick that sends the guys flying. Fighting with the ax is good for the damage, but fights with bare hands will increase the “Stun” faster, which fills when you hit them with fast attacks. If you stun an enemy, you can hit R3 to perform a powerful execution action on them, often killing them directly

Perhaps the biggest change in God of war ? Sometimes you have to play defense.

There are two ways to handle these attacks: dodge and block. Kratos can dodge to the side by pressing the X button, which is usually effective to avoid any kind of attack if you time it correctly. It can also deploy a shield with L1, which blocks most incoming attacks.

The enemies facing you will telegraph their movements in two ways. The warning you get for the weakest attacks comes in the enemy’s animation – they will raise their arm to swing a sword, or will rush towards you. Stronger attacks that you can block will be indicated with a yellow ring around the enemy; If you hit L1 just as the attack hits you, you’ll parry it, sending the enemy tottering and giving you a chance for a quick counter-attack. If you block just a yellow attack, however, Kratos will be shifted and you will be open to attack. Finally, some strong enemy attacks are signaled by a red ring around your enemy, indicating that you can not block them. The only way to avoid them is to dodge them.

Kratos has some awareness of the situation, although it is difficult to see enemies behind you because of God’s war The camera angle closer. Arrows pointing out signal threats coming your way. A white arrow indicates an enemy behind you; red means that an enemy is about to attack melee in the direction indicated by the arrow; and a purple arrow means that an enemy is shooting at you, like a fireball.

Runic attacks give a power explosion:

While exploring the Nine Kingdoms, you will encounter runes that you can tap on the Leviathan Ax and that will give you special and powerful moves. There is a ton to find, and they come in two varieties: light and heavy. To execute them, hold L1 to fire your shield, then press R1 for your light runic attack or R2 for your heavy runic attack. These attacks are usually sufficient to knock enemies out of their own attacks, and you will not be interrupted if you are hit by doing them. Each can be improved over time by spending experience points you earn by killing enemies to make them more efficient, but they also carry cooling timers, it is therefore better to save your runic attacks for great moments. effective. Some Talismans, a type of armor, can also give a special blow, usually a kind of healing or support skill. If you have a talisman movement, you can activate it by holding L1 and pressing Circle. Atreus ends up having his own runic attacks, called runic summons. Hold the square to activate them.

Runic attacks can add several types of attacks to your directory. Some will give you a large effect area attack to damage multiple enemies in an area; others use an ax to hit several bad guys at once. Still others draw gel energy in a line along the ground, for example. It’s a good idea to mix and match your runic attacks so they are good in a variety of situations. For example, you might want a heavy runic attack that deals area damage, so you can hit many enemies at once, and a light runic attack that’s good at long range, so you can hit a very strong enemy strong at a safe distance. Finding combinations that work for your style of play is the key,

Spartan rage, for massive damage:

Kratos might try to give up his “Ghost of Sparta” character, but he still has some cool abilities of his time as the god of war. When you battle enemies, you fill an orange “Rage Meter” at the bottom of the screen. When full, press R3 and L3 together to activate Spartan Rage, which essentially allows you to eliminate enemies until the meter is empty.

Spartan Rage can give you a quick advantage in tough battles, especially if you use it at the right time. This will not make you invincible, but it will allow you to hit hard enough so that most enemies are stunned by your attacks and can not fight back. Spartan Rage is also a good panic button if you are almost in poor health, as your health regenerates when you inflict damage on your opponents. This will not fill your health bar, but it is often enough to bring Kratos to the brink of death when you may be about to lose a fight.

Do not be afraid to use it. Your Rage Meter does not load so fast that you can use it for every fight, but you fill it often enough to not hesitate to use it when you see an opportunity to finish a fight, or to prevent things from happening. go out of hand.

Do not forget Atreus:

The last combat element you have from the beginning is Atreus. Your son wears a bow that allows him to do useful things. First, you can make Atreus shoot on any enemy you are looking at or by aiming with the square button. The main use of the Atreus arc is to distract or interrupt enemies when they are about to hit you. Most of your opponents’ large, impossible-to-block attacks can be stopped with an arrow on their face.

You can also use Atreus to add to your combos or increase your combat ability. Hit an enemy in the air, and a quick arrow will help keep them there, allowing you to hit them both at the same time. Later in the game, Atreus will begin to catch enemies while you beat them to temporarily open their guard, and knock them out to open your breath.

Finally, Atreus is especially useful for distracting enemies that you are not ready to fight. When you do not ask him to help add arrows to the combos, you want to use Atreus to shoot the enemy that you are not yet ready to attack. Arrows can cause enemies to attack Atreus instead of you, which is very useful against huge bosses or crowds. Just be careful that the enemies do not catch Atreus, because you will have to save it if it happens. In any case, you want to think about how Atreus can add to your combat ability. Remember to use it because it is often essential to stay alive in a difficult fight.

Put all together:

Although at first glance, it may look like God’s old style of combat war , where players string long combos to destroy enemies, was left behind, this is not the case. The new God of War puts you in tighter scenarios, more like duels with enemies, but you’ll still have tons of bad guys to crush with super-powerful attack chains. The difference is this: You must now read the field to be able to create your own combos on the fly.

Combos are always the essential basis of thinking about God fighting war . As the game progresses, you’ll get more and more moves and some new weapons to add to your repertoire, which will expand the way you can tie attacks into combat to be effective. You will want to experiment constantly to find movements that bind in a fluid way so that you can crush the enemies in submission, and handle the bad guys so that they do not surround you. Mashing an attack button is not going you far in God of War .

Advanced techniques and strategy

All about crowd control:

Lamentations on enemies with effective combos is fine, but most of the fights you will encounter in God of War will pit you against several opponents. While you may be tempted to isolate and focus on eliminating an enemy, controlling the group and keeping them from surrounding you should be your first priority.

Look for opportunities to distract enemies you are not ready to fight so that you can take care of those in front of you. You can do this by hitting the guys by throwing them with the ax, blowing them up with runic attacks, or using your heavy, unarmed attack to repel enemies and give you more space. A heavy blow with the ax can also pin enemies to walls or freeze them so you do not have to face them for a few seconds. Atreus will help you too – when you do not control him, he will shoot all the enemies you are not actively dealing with to prevent them from disturbing you. You can also point its arrows directly at the enemies you want to block.

To avoid being surrounded is the key to the victory God of war . It’s less about overwhelming strength and more about maintaining control. In this way, you will never start a fight that you do not think you can handle.

Do not overuse the throwing of the ax:

It’s tempting to lash out at the Leviathan Ax against enemies, especially because it’s so cool. You can, however, do too much: Hitting a triangle to recall the ax can be useful for hitting distant enemies that come and go, but it also makes you vulnerable. You want to throw the ax when it will do the most damage, not when you want to get it right away. The second or the second, the ax has to come back is enough to leave you open for damage.

Concentrate on throwing the ax for a specific purpose. Removing enemies from a distance by throwing fireballs is a major problem, but you can also use the ax tactically. Hitting an enemy in the head usually stuns him briefly, and with bosses like trolls, you can actually stop big attacks before you try to dodge them. Similarly, a light tap on the legs will bring down many enemies, taking them out of the battle. With a heavy throw, you can often freeze a strong enemy, allowing you to defeat and fight others without having to worry about the first one. The point is, the ax is usually more useful in your hand than on the ground, so when you launch it, make sure that the attack is very useful,

Heal on the run:

Kratos has no real way of restoring combat health by himself. There are some benefits and talismans that can give you health, and you can recover by deploying Spartan Rage, but generally, avoiding damage is your biggest goal in a fight. If you desperately need to heal, there is only one way: to look for green healing stones on the ground. Enemies often drop them when they die, and you can hang them to refresh your health by pressing Circle.

In a combat situation where you are desperate for health, focus on the weakest enemies to see if they will lose their health. If they do not, you can usually find health stones in arenas by breaking objects along the edges. It’s hard to distract your attention, but you will often find yourself stealing health stones at key moments, so keep your eyes open for things you can break into battle. As the game progresses, you can also purchase Resurrection Stones, which will give you a second chance to fight

The environment is your friend

Many battles will take place in de facto arenas with a lot of things you could use – and you should not hesitate to take advantage of them. The explosive red bottles will, unsurprisingly, explode when you hit them and set the enemies on fire.  Even when there are no obviously useful things, the environment remains your friend. Shoot enemies on cliffs or in spikes to kill or wound them, and use your ax to stab enemies against the walls for more damage and get them out of battle. It’s not enough to push the ax buttons into victory, in other words – God of War has a lot of room for tactical thinking in combat, so use everything around you.