Prepare Company’s Digital Marketing Plan

The digital marketing or online marketing , as is well known, is the development of advertising strategies and marketing through digital media including websites and blogs, social networks, email, video platforms, forums, etc.

The digital marketing is an increasingly important tool in the business world, since in recent years marketing techniques have radically changed thanks to technological development, digitization and globalization of companies.

This makes it more than necessary today for companies to have a digital marketing strategy and plan to be competitive and successful. This means that, at present, both companies that operate in the digital world and more traditional companies, use digital marketing strategies and therefore have to develop a digital marketing plan.

Steps to develop the digital Marketing plan of your company

Analyze the current situation of the company and the market.

To develop an adequate digital Marketing plan that allows us to achieve the objectives we have proposed, we must first carry out a thorough analysis, both of the situation of our company from which we started, as well as the trends of the sector in the that we operate or wish to start operating.

It is necessary to have a deep knowledge of the characteristics of the market, the companies of the competences that are developed in it and the situation of our brand to, in this way, locate niche markets in which to position ourselves.

Internal analysis:

The objective of the internal analysis is to know what is the current and real situation of the company and its digital presence, as well as the improvements that can be carried out in order to improve its position and optimize its digital presence.

Digital presence:

It is also very important to develop a correct digital marketing strategy to know what is the digital presence that our brand has. From this information, we can establish what are the next steps we must take to reach the established objectives.

To know in detail the digital position of our company, we must mainly take into account the web positioning, that is, the visibility that our brand has in the main search engines, and the presence in social networks, as well as the engagement or level of Attraction created by each of our publications in our profiles. It should not be forgotten that the objective of the profiles in social networks is none other than to generate a community of followers loyal to the brand, as well as attract new customers and generate brand visibility.

SWOT analysis:

The SWOT analysis allows us to discover the strengths and weaknesses of our company internally, as well as identify opportunities and threats externally. Therefore, the SWOT analysis is the perfect tool to know the real situation in which our company is located.

The abbreviations DAFO refer to the following terms:

  • Weaknesses, weaknesses of our company.
  • Threats that we find in our environment.
  • Strengths, the strengths of our business.
  • Opportunities, positive factors that we find in our environment.
  • The SWOT analysis allows us to identify the key points both internally and externally, and in this way, know our advantages and the opportunities that we must exploit, as well as be prepared for the threats that have been detected taking into account the strengths and weaknesses identified in our company.

All the information obtained as a result of the SWOT analysis will allow us to design our strategies in the digital marketing plan in a more accurate and realistic way.

External analysis:

The external analysis has to be in charge of the study of the sector and of the market or markets within it in which our company acts or we want it to do so, as well as of the trends that this market or markets is expected to follow in the future.

For example, it is very important to determine the phase of the market in which we operate, since competing in an emerging market is not the same as in a mature one, characterized by a high level of competition. This is key at the time, not only to develop the digital marketing plan, but also to establish the general strategy of the company, since it conditions the actions that we must carry out.

In addition, it is also very important to determine and analyze the segment of the market to which we are going, that is, our target audience, as well as identify their needs, tastes, customs, behavior, etc.

Target audiences:

It is vital to know who your company is going to develop fruitful strategies, aimed at the target audience, so that we can achieve the objectives set correctly.

We must segment the target audience, know who we are targeting, in order to identify their tastes, needs, preferences, etc. and give them a better response, adapted to their profiles.

To do this, we must take into account different types of data such as behavior, their interests, demographics, needs, purchasing behavior, etc.

Define the objectives:

The final objective of the company will generally be to increase sales and with it the benefit, however, this objective is somewhat abstract, and therefore other objectives must be established that allow the attainment of the principal.

When carrying out the digital marketing plan of our company, we must establish both quantitative and qualitative objectives . Among the quantitative objectives we can find some how to increase the level of sales through electronic commerce, increase the number of followers in the profiles in social networks of the company, attract new customers through the Internet, etc. Among the most common qualitative objectives we find to improve the brand recognition, improve the positioning and notoriety of the company, transmit certain values, improve the attention given to customers, etc.

A good solution to achieve the general objective of the company to increase its benefits, but also to achieve more specific objectives, such as increasing sales through e-commerce or improving the attention given to customers is the use of switchboards virtual

A virtual switchboard is a system that is responsible for managing incoming and outgoing calls, so that they are diverted to the devices you want and can be made from wherever you are. The virtual switchboards include, unlike traditional telephony services, advanced features such as welcome messages, options menus, waiting queues, call filters, call transfer, voiceovers, call recording …

In this way, thanks to the virtual switchboards, your customers’ calls will always be handled in the best possible way, while showing a professional image, which allows to offer an optimized customer service . In addition, it will increase the sales of your business in electronic commerce, since, as several studies have pointed out, customers are more likely to make purchases in the online medium in those companies that offer better customer service, by providing them with a sense of security, trust and closeness.

Define strategy and tactics:

Once all the objectives of the company have been determined, both at a general and specific level, it is necessary to create the strategy and the tactics to achieve them. That is, we must define the different actions that we want to take place and see how we are going to do to achieve them.

To see it more clearly, we propose the following example. If our goal is to increase sales through the internet in a certain percentage (quantitative objective), we can establish as a strategy to achieve this goal the realization of advertising campaigns, and as a tactic the creation of campaigns in the different social networks in which you are activates our company.

Measurement and analysis of the results of the digital marketing plan

Finally, we must measure and analyze the results obtained by our digital marketing plan. This will allow us to measure the success of our digital marketing plan, and the different actions and strategies that have been carried out, but it will also allow us to identify those that have not worked, in order to make the appropriate corrections and improve the effectiveness of the actions to be carried out in the near future.

There are different tools, such as Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics,  that help us in the task of analysis.

Nowadays, it is essential that your company has a digital marketing plan to be competitive, position our brand and improve the presence in digital media. The digital marketing plan will prevent us from traveling aimlessly, when establishing the objectives, the target audience and the way to reach them, guiding all our actions and generating feedback.