Top 10 Games on SEGA

Best sega games:

This review we have is special, it is intended for fans of retro. More precisely, for those who remember (and love) a gaming system like the 16-bit Sega Mega Drive (it’s also Sega Genesis ). Many of the gamers who were born somewhere in the late 90s, early 2000s, may not understand what is so special about this console. But she was (and probably is) one of the best-selling gaming consoles. And here it’s not about the superb advertising campaign, the prefix was really good, just like the games that were released for it.

She had only one competitor – the Super Nintendo Entertainment System , or simply Nintendo. By the word “war” of these two gaming systems almost completely ousted from the market all the other 16-bit consoles.

But enough stories, let’s talk about those games that came out for this console. We have only ten of them here, but in reality there are much more good toys for Sega. So, here is our TOP-10 games on the Sega Mega Drive.

10. Earthworm Jim

One of the most fun arcade games on Sega. Eh, what else is there – this is one of the most fun arcades that have ever been released. On the 16-bit consoles came the first and second parts of this game, and they are both good. No, not so – they are great. A variety of levels, interesting, not monotonous gameplay, surreal-absurd plot – all this is Worm Jim. If you have the opportunity – be sure to try this game. Believe you will like it.

9. Comix Zone

Another great arcade game. The main character is the author of comics. He found himself locked up in his own creation, and had to get out of there through the crowds of the monsters he himself had invented. Nice and original graphics, excellent gameplay, humor that does not lag behind them – all this is in our Comix Zone . Yes, in this game again there is no saving the world (or at least saving the princesses), but why do we need it? It is much more fun to try to escape from the invented world, while fighting with the machinations of the main villain Mortus, who sits in the real world and from there diligently foul. In general, the game really deserves your attention.

8. Contra – Hard Corps

Unlike previous projects, in Kontra everything is serious. Our task is once again to do the salvation of the world. This game is already the sixth in the series, but I recommend it. There are all the classic elements of classic action – almost a genius villain who wants to seize power around the world, his henchmen, brilliant and not so, and the characters who are tasked to rein in the villain. All this happens in the future, in the sci-fi universe. Good entourage, dynamic gameplay, the possibility of passing together – Contra – Hard Corps is definitely worth it to play.

7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

There was no way to get past this game. A fun arcade-fighting game about ninja turtles who, under the guidance of their sensei, the rat Splinter, fight their sworn enemy – Shredder He wants to take over the world, but our heroes are not satisfied. And it begins … There are many different opponents in the game, several levels completely different from each other, and many ways to get rid of their enemies. In general, the project should be looked at least because it is not worthwhile to miss one of the first games about the famous ninja turtles.

6. Rock n ‘Roll Racing

I already said that in previous games dynamic gameplay? Forget it. Compared to these races, it is unhurried, like a snail walking. A toy from Silicon & Synapse (who later changed their name to Blizzard – yes, yes, these are the ones), in which your goal is simple – to finish first And for this, any means are used – in the sense, any weapons that you can acquire. You can not overtake the enemy – shoot him. Overtaken – hold, spilling oil on the road. Do not forget to improve your car between races. All this drive – under the cool rock and rolls, so even with the possibility of playing together. Well, chasing?

5. Cannon Fodder

Here we manage a detachment of soldiers who are assigned a variety of missions. Liquidation of opponents, sabotage and other joys of soldier life. Soldiers can receive medals and titles – but believe me, very few will live to see it. The game is interesting and extremely cynical, which, however, is already clear from the title (for those who do not know, it translates as “Cannon Meat”). Here you can shoot, blow up, ride on any transport, simultaneously watching the death of “their” and “alien”. And here, before each mission, a briefing is held on the same hill where your unlucky wards are buried. And by the end of the game to count the crosses is almost impossible. In general, if you are a cynic in the soul – you are here.

4. The Lost Vikings

Another game from Silicon & Synapse – this time about the three Vikings who were lost in time and space. Interesting puzzles, three characters, each with their own abilities, original levels … and a thousand and one ways to die for your heroes. Crash when falling from a height, fry in lava or on electricity, drown, fall on caramel spikes – the list is very long. But the game is addictive. Do not believe? And you play.

3. Dune – The Battle for Arrakis

The famous Dune, the ancestor of most rialtime strategies, the very thing whose clone was the great and mighty Warcraft . The very first and most successful part in a series of games Dune. There are all the classic elements of a classical strategy – the choice of the side of the conflict, the collection of resources, the settlement of the settlement and the creation of troops. That’s just at the time of the release of the game, all these elements were not yet classics – they were made as such by Dune, and after it – Warcraft. The last thing I will say about this game – if you consider yourself a lover of strategies – you simply must pass this game.

2. Sonic the Hedgehog

The first game of the series, which is still popular. From this project the adventures of the famous hedgehog Sonic began. There is no special plot in this toy, but there is a cheerful arcade gameplay. The main feature of the gameplay – it is fast. Faster than most average arcades – after all, our hedgehog is almost supersonic. Otherwise, everything is built according to the classical scheme. We jump on the opponents and get rid of them, collect the rings (the local equivalent of lives) and run to the end of the level. And at the very end there is an evil Dr. Robotnik, whom we must defeat. The game is very uncomplicated, but very addictive. Be sure to try it.

1. Ultimate Mortal Combat 3

So we got to the leader of our top. One of the best games of the Mortal Combat series , with excellent and bloody gameplay. At one time, many people bought the Sega Mega Drive just to play the third Mortal Kombat. I will not paint you the plot, I will not talk about the characters and lists of various combos and fatalities. I can only say that if you are a fan of fighting games, or you are a fan of the Mortal Combat series, or just want to play something on Sega – in this case, you just have to play Ultimate Mortal Combat 3.